Welcome to the GHFCA Neighborhood

GHFCA has an active association to promote socialization within the neighborhood and maintains the Neighborhood Park and neighborhood entrance.  Currently membership dues are $50.  The following listing outlines our association’s committees and sponsored events throughout the year.  Please consider joining a committee, it’s a great way to meet new neighbors and get involved in our neighborhood.   Our Board meetings are open to all GHFCA members.  Please visit the website at www.GHFCA.org for the latest information on upcoming events and activities!

Social Committee – This committee organizes the following annual events:

  • Easter Egg Hunt in early spring takes place at our neighborhood park.
  • Our Annual Block party occurs in June and takes place near the intersection of Strathmore and Kentwood. This event has games for the kids, great food, music and other entertainment.
  • Hallowfest generally occurs the weekend before or the weekend of Halloween. This event is kicked off by a parade for the kids (in costume) and a cookout/party at the neighborhood park pavilion featuring our neighborhood chili cook-off.
  • We end the year with Breakfast or Lunch with Santa. This event is generally held at a nearby restaurant or at a bowling venue and is looked forward to by all the neighborhood kids and kids at heart

This committee is actively seeking new members who would like to take a small part or someone who would like to chair the committee.  If you are interested please take part and attend these meetings, we are always searching for fresh ideas and new activities for the community.

Park Committee – This committee oversees the neighborhood park down by the creek towards the end of Woodcrest.  Our park consists of several acres of open space with playground equipment for the kids.  We have a large sized pavilion with a fire pit for entertaining.  The park has volleyball nets an area great for a game of kickball or soccer. We have an annual park clean–up day, which is typically a once a year event in early spring. 

Newsletter Committee – Looking for a person to compile our newsletter from submitted articles and announcements about 6 times a year. Anyone is welcome to submit articles, photos and/or memories from the past or a favorite recipe for one of our GHFCA newsletters.  

Welcoming Committee – This is a great way to meet the neighbors. Welcome new neighbors with a treat (brownies, cookies, flowers), a directory and explain the Good Hope Farms Civic Association and invite them to attend our Board Meetings. 

Block Reps – Interact with your neighbors and deliver newsletters, luminaries, collect membership dues.  We try and limit a Reps responsibility to a manageable size of 17- 20 homes/families. 

Other Activities happening throughout the year

After Six Cocktails/Socials – These events generally occur on Friday evenings between 6-9pm. Consider having one at your house or even the backyard in the summer months.   Neighbors each bring an appetizer to share and drinks of their choice.  We have two (2) types of socials, the first being After Six “Cocktails” social which implies an adults only atmosphere and secondly an After Six “Socials” which implies a children friendly atmosphere.  We strive to have a function every 2-3 months throughout the year.

Diner’s Club – This was an activity well attended in the early years of the association. The goal was to gather with neighbors at a local restaurant or pub for some good food and drink.  We recently began actively pursuing this tradition again with a local visit to the Black –n- Blue restaurant in November.  This fabulous restaurant is owned and operated by one of our own neighbors Mr. Don Brown.  Look for upcoming “dine out” notifications on the website and in the newsletters.

Annual Turkey Trot – This tradition was initiated this year by Johanna Brown.  We meet the morning of Thanksgiving for food and camaraderie as we trek two routes around the neighborhood either walking or jogging.  The longer route is for the elder Turkeys and there is a smaller route for the younger chickens.  We take food donations for the local food bank.  Look for notices in the newsletters as fall approaches and join this fun activity by registering at our website,  www.ghfca.org

Luminaires – A tradition which began from the inception of the association.  Christmas Eve all he neighbors place Luminaires along the curb and light them at nightfall.  It is truly a wonderful sight.  A block Rep will be contacting you in late November.  They come in a set of five with the majority of the proceeds benefiting our park and a local charity. Please remember if you would not be home Christmas Eve please still consider participating as most of the neighbors would welcome assisting in your absence.

Yard Sale – The Good Hope Farms annual Yard Sale occurs the 1st Saturday of May each year.

Other Items of Note

Emergency list – We are starting an optional notification list thru cell phone and/or e-mail. We will be forwarding information such as break-ins, power outage, etc. 

Electronic Delivery of our Newsletter - You can have your newsletters delivered electronically to your e-mail address.  Please consider as it is a great way to be environmentally friendly.  

If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact your Block Rep or one of our Board Members.  Look for notifications on the sign at our neighborhood entrance and on our website, www.GHFCA.org.  Welcome and we look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood!!!