Membership Drive

 The Annual Membership Drive for GHFCA is held in March of each year. Annual Dues are $50.00 per family. Checks may be made payable to GHFCA. You will be contacted by your block representative to update your family’s information for our database and to collect your annual dues and/or you can print the form below yourself and fill in the information then drop the completed form and your dues check off to your Block Representative or any GHFCA Board Member. A list of the Block Representatives and Board Member can be found on the website under the Info Tab.

Click here to print out the Membership Form

If you feel called to help further, please consider adding a little “extra” to the dues amount as a “donation” to help support on-going improvements to Durkin Park and our neighborhood community. Some neighbors routinely do this and it is always appreciated and helps us to plan for and complete “bigger” improvements and enhancements as time goes on. Examples would be, to replace a weathered and cracked entrance sign, do major repairs to pavilion and/or playground area, improve or repair lighting at the park and at our entrance, improve or replace our “entrance board” where we post events and other “happenings” about the neighborhood for you to see.

It takes each and every household to maintain the front entrance and park. Dues are meant to share the costs associated with keeping our neighborhood beautiful and desirable. Our fiscal year runs from Oct 1st through Sept 30th. The 2014 annual expenditures during this time were $9648.60. Our 2014 revenue from dues and added donations was $11,184.31. Other than the block party, most of our expenses have little to do with social activities. Our expenses are simply real and tangible ones that light, maintain, repair and keep up our entrance and our wonderful neighborhood park and pavilion. We continue to attempt to build a “cushion” so that when larger expenditures and repairs occur we are prepared.

On average between 190 and 200 families pay their dues each year out of 287 households. Although we have had improvements over the past several years the number was down a bit in 2014. Won’t you please do your part to keep Good Hope Farms a beautiful, welcoming and attractive community? Remember this is your neighborhood. All Residents of Good Hope Farms benefit from the Association, and your membership dues are the only sources of revenue we receive. Please do (due) your part to keep Good Hope Farms an attractive and well maintained neighborhood. We truly need 100% participation.

By supporting the Association with your dues, we are able to provide the following activities and neighborhood projects:

• Maintenance for Durkin Park (pavilion, lawn, tree trimming and removal, etc.)
• Electric for Durkin Park and Entrance Sign
• Insurance for Durkin Park and Entrance Sign (this protects all of us)
• Playground-grade Mulch for playground (This cannot be the township mulch which contains poison ivy, oak and sumac and is not appropriate for play areas)
• Port-a-potty at Durkin Park ( for the season only April – October)
• Maintenance of the entrance sign
• Neighborhood Directory (Our great sponsors lower our costs with their advertisements.)
• Garage Sale Advertising Costs
• Annual Fire Department Donation
• Newsletters and Website Costs
• Neighborhood Events: Hallow-fest, Breakfast with Santa , Easter Egg Hunt
• Annual Block Party – GHFCA Members also receive $15.00 in food tickets to use at this event
• As GHFCA Members, you are able to reserve the park/pavilion for your own special event.