Block Info

Block Information


GHFCA Block Representatives
Anyone interested in becoming a block representative, please call Tiffany Young @ 612-9647 Reps are always needed for many addresses in our neighborhood!! As you can see, many of our reps cover quite a few houses!! Please help your neighbors and become a block representative today!!

RepresentativeAddressPhone NumberHouse Numbers
Greg Kruger
5213 Deerfield717-737-58965200-5222 Deerfield
5201-5219 Deerfield
Lori Englebrook5231 Deerfield717-215-38065221-5241 Deerfield
5226-5244 Deerfield
Brian Cline
5254 Deerfield Ave.
717-580-67755243-5263 Deerfield
5246-5266 Deerfield
Steve Wolf5263 Meadowbrook717-379-65855265-5277 Deerfield
5268-5278 Deerfield
5261-5271 Meadowbrook
Barbara Beam
5207 Meadowbrook Drive
717-737-44155201-5219 Meadowbrook
5202-5222 Meadowbrook
Need Your HelpContact President
 5221-5237 Meadowbrook
5224-5240 Meadowbrook
Heather Dravk5245 Meadowbrook
717-763-43355239-5259 Meadowbrook
Norm Robinson5242 Meadowbrook
717-756-10805242-5262 Meadowbrook
Marikay Wood5240 Strathmore
717-761-303631-5245 Strathmore
5232-5250 Strathmore
Teri Guelcher5277 Strathmore
717-731-97105247-5261 Strathmore
5252-5264 Strathmore
502-504 Kentwood
503-509 Kentwood
Tiffany Young5284 Strathmore
717-612-96475263-5279 Strathmore
5266-5284 Strathmore
Isabelle Wozniak441 Woodcrest717-975-0620426-444 Woodcrest
431-445 Woodcrest
Kristi Bolden
seeking replacement for this block
446 Woodcrest717-731-0115447-465 Woodcrest
446-460 Woodcrest
Bob Scott467 Woodcrest
717-737-0927464-480 Woodcrest
467-483 Woodcrest
Gail King
487 Woodcrest
717-761-8144482-498 Woodcrest
485-499 Woodcrest
Tammy Gandolfo502 Woodcrest717-303-2014500-518 Woodcrest
501-513 Woodcrest