2018 Turkey Trot Results

Eighth Annual Good Hope Farms Turkey Trot


Good Hope Farms Neighbors, friends and families, it was cold, and I did not think many would come. You proved me wrong, and I love that. In normal Good Hope Farms fashion, you made this a great event! We donated $1,538 and 663 pounds of food. We are making a difference. This will help nearly 9000 families in need.


Chicken Fun Run:

8U: Grayson Storm 10:07

Turkey Trot:

10 U: Hayden Ackley 16:17 (2nd year and even faster) Libby Scherer 22:10

11-14: Max Schlager 15:33, Meredith Seeber 16:48

15-18: Katy Wood 16:20, Drew Brown 14:16

Adult: Nicole Wood 16:36, Kolin Knott 14:23 (Again!)

Senior: Paul Carmichael 29:20, I am going to go with Merikay Wood!


Best Dressed:  The large dinosaur on wheels.  AKA:  Tommy Hagg, Amy Johns’ brother


Favorite dog: The one in the shirt!!  Kylli, you started a new dog tradition.

Fastest dog: Kolin Knotts, but Kylli’s was the crowd favorite.

                       (The Knott competition continues.  FYI: Kylli is Kolin’s sister.)


Family Shirt Sponsorships:  Carmichael, Kopko, Henry, Knott, Cline, Strouss, Guelcher, Brown-Scherer, Wilken, Sherwood, & Newton.

Generous Monetary Donations: Eskin, Siemon, Strouss, Hagg, Williams, Brown, Schwalm, Scherer, Brosious, Seeber, Hiebert, O’neill, Plus Generous Cash Donations!

Great event sponsors: Filson Water and Giant Food Store.


Please thank these wonderful event volunteers:

Chilmaza, Erno, Stolberg, Knott: flyer distribution

Beck, Johns, Erno, Shughart, Wood: advertising

Wilken – shirts

Strouss, Guelcher, Titus, Ryerson: Event Help with donations and assistance