Turkey Trot Followup

Sixth Annual Turkey Trot

We had our first cat, and it paid little attention to the fifty-so trotting dogs. This is the Meyer’s cat, and I want to steal it. Many of you know this cat from people’s “lost cat” FB posts. If it is ever really lost, please do not look in my house.

Total Runners- too many to count I did not do a formal registration this year, because it is a lot of work. I think we can do without registration, but NEXT YEAR I will have a tally board, so we know how many participants.

Most Food Donations we have ever collected: Quote from Chris Gray at the food bank:WOW!!! 1089 pounds, that is a haul!! You get 6 barrels next year!!!! Great neighborhood you have, you all have a great Holiday!!!” I had so many people who were heading out of town, dropping donations. Woo-hoo!! (Rosemary, I will bring my wheel barrow to your car next time.)

Total Monetary Donations: $2,126.85 This is wonderful. More neighbors donated than in the past, so a BIG thank you to all who donated. Food bank counts on our monetary donations for when food donations wane.

Top Times:

Chicken Fun Run:

8U: Kyra Wolf 9:25, Cooper Ackley 6:53

(K. Wolf-2 years, Ackley brothers keep the streak!)

Turkey Trot:

10 U: Libby Scherer (age 6) 24:55, Owen Schlager 16:47

11-14: Rachel Wood 16:27, Max Schlager 16:27

15-18: Sydney Young 15:45, Bennett Brown 12:15 (course record!)

Adult: Kylli Spotts 14:50, Kolin Knott 13:36 (Kolin you bettered your time by 39 seconds- wow!)

Seniors: Maggie Ackerman 20:00, Paul Carmichael 18:22

Best Dressed: Matthew Brown

Corporate Sponsorships:

Shannon’s Holcomb Chiropractic Center, Tim Bolden’s Gibson-Thomas Engineering-

Family Sponsorships:

Young, Schalles, Guelcher, Leal, Smith, Brown-Scherer, Hockenberry, Ryerson, Cline, Wolf, Strouss, Knott, Newton, Wilken, Dravk, Davey, Williams, Henry, Brown & Motter.

Generous Monetary Donations:

Siemon, Fehl, Cantor, 3 Scherers, Dravk, Brosious, Hiebert, Bolden, O’Neill, Erno, Schwalm, Logan, Hagg, Rothman, Eskin, Brown, Plus Generous Cash Donations and a Wegmans $25 gift card!

Great event sponsors:

Road ID, Filson Water/Bobby Rahal, Dunkin Donuts, Giant and Wegmans.

(If you did not get a Karns $5 off 35 coupon, please stop by anytime.)

The food bank cannot believe we are “just” a neighborhood coming together. For the record, we are not “just” a neighborhood. We are Good Hope Farms, one amazing neighborhood with incredible friends and families.

Good Hope Farms we can be proud of this! We are coming together for charity.

The event ran smoothly because of so many neighbors stepping up to help.

Wonderful event volunteers:

Advertiser: Amy Erno

T-shirts and Sponsors: Vicki Wilken

Grocery Store & Donut Sponsors: Amy Johns

Food Table: Rachael and Cindy Smith

Food Donations: Diane Navin and her lovely daughter

Event Item Donators: Titus, Guelcher, Ryerson, Meyer, Wilken

Fantastic Photographers: Valerie & Brooke Ryerson and Melanie Berra

Queen of Results: Liz Motter- I couldn’t do it without her.

Donut Pick-up: Karla Schmidt

Rock Wall for Annual Picture and Cat Provider for added fun: Meyers

FB Page: Jason Shugart

Front Sign Informer: Don Wood

Food and Race set-up and Clean-up: Dave, Maddie & Grace Brown-Scherer

This is Cart Strouss (8th from the left, front row), and he was sporting all the trot shirts layered from our first fluorescent to this year’s purple. Love him!!!

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