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Welcome to the GHFCA website, here you will find news, links and information about happenings in Good Hope Farms. We are a community about caring for our neighbors.

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Current Newsletter : March 2016

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We would like to acknowledge Gibson-Thomas Engineering Co. Inc. for providing the printing of our GHFCA Newsletter. Our sincere appreciation to our neighbor, Tim Bolden.

Hampden Township Update

You are receiving this notice because you registered for a voluntary e-mail notification service with Hampden Township to be kept apprised of projects and efforts made by the Board of Commissioners and staff. Following is a brief summary of a number of current initiatives.

Street Sweeping - Spring street sweeping operations are underway. Details about that service can be found at

Solid Waste and Recycling - Curbside collection of bundle yard waste for residential customers has resumed and the Hampden Township Yard Waste Facility will expand hours of operations for the spring. The following links provide details about those programs:

Turkey Trot Results

Thank you again for the greatest turnout to date, fun was had by all! Here are the results.

2015 Results: 420+ participants!
Too many dogs to count!
We collected 1054 pounds of food.
We raised $2,745 Woo Hoo!

Full Details Click Here: Turkey/Chicken Trot 2015 Summary

Turkey Trot - 2015

Put your bird in the oven & bring your family
(visiting grandchildren) and dinner guests to the

Central Pennsylvania Food Bank Benefit

Just Donate Canned Food and Socialize After the Trot

Start/End Location: 476 Woodcrest Drive
Race Registration: 8:15 a.m.
Race Start Time: 9:00 a.m.

Full Details Click Here: Turkey/Chicken Trot Information

CCWA at the Pennsboro Pumpkin Festival

The Freshet Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association

We summarize recent activities in watershed protection and developments.
Last Freshet was Spring 2015. Available at our website.

Click here for more info:
CCWA Information

Garden Award

Untitled 1

Congratulations to the winners current and past of our Good Hope Farms Gorgeous Garden Award!

Not only do the plantings in the front yard look beautiful, you should peek into their backyard.

Current Winner: Joe and Diane Navin 509 Kentwood

Previous Winner: Ann and Jim Hewitt at 477 Woodcrest Drive


Some neighbors have expressed a desire to explore the possibility of having an option for natural gas in our neighborhood. I spoke with a representative from UGI today concerning the UGI Growth Extension Tariff (Get Gas Program). This program is relatively new and the way UGI identifies neighborhoods where it makes economic sense for them to invest with this initiative is by the number of individual requests they receive from people living in the same neighborhood. They have received a few requests from Good Hope Farms but more would be needed.


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